Etruria Demolition

Contract Value

£5 million

Demolition of the 600,000 sq. ft former British Steel Rolling Mill preceded the remediation works of this 90-acre former British Steel site.

The remediation comprised the excavation of extensive foundations and obstructions encountered to a depth of 3m below formation level. All concrete encountered was crushed to a 6F2 or DOT Type 1 standard ready for sale or re-use in future developments. Material was placed in layers and compacted to achieve a ground bearing pressure suitable for office and industrial development.

Prosurv Consult managed the project providing Employer’s Agent and Cost Management services to ensure that any windfall salvage realisation in the form of recyclable material to maximise cost benefit to the Client. The available credit was then reconciled against overall expenditure therefore giving an extremely cost-effective method of providing a site ready for future development.

Project Lead

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith


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